Is really a scam?

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1. is by far world's largest talent website with over 10 million members.

2. has thousands of auditions and job openings.

3. No other site comes even close to the value that ExploreTalent is providing its members.

4. The Internet is a media that everyone anonymously, can go and post unverifiable stories.

5. Negative comments about us are posted by competitors who cannot stand our success.

6. Tens of Thousands auditions and jobs, has been landed by members.

Every serious player in the entertainment business knows Explore Talent is not a scam. With over 10 million members, Explore Talent has proved that it is not a scam. Explore Talent has thousands of positive testimonies and continues to take pride in their work.

If you are an aspiring talent, you can't go wrong with the services of Explore Talent and be genuinely comfortable knows it is not a scam. With over 10 million members and counting the proof is unstoppable. is by far the world's largest talent resource website and their services are unbeatable. With a big name like Explore Talent, we cant afford to be a scam nor would we want to.

In recent years it seems to be that "talent resources and agencies" are coming out of the woodwork, with promises of making you an over night Hollywood sensation. These type of companies are truly scam agencies. And really with promises like that, who wouldn't fall victim to these scam and fraudulent companies? If you feel that you victimized by one of these scam or fraudulent companies, and blinded with their absurd lies and manipulation Explore Talent is here to help.

Explore Talent wants to help you if you have been a victim to a scam. Here at Explore Talent we intend to raise the bar in legitimacy and set a higher standard of honesty and services to each and every hopeful talent that fell victim to being a scam by one of our "competitor" companies. This higher standard starts with our Fraud Compensation Program, which will provide victims with restored hope, faith and peace of mind, to continue pursuing their dreams and aspirations. For every $29.95 you were defrauded, you will receive Explore Talent's monthly service for free! Don't fall for another scam again!

Qualifying for this program is easy and stress free; simply provide Explore Talent with your credit card statement, showing the amount in which you were defrauded. Absolutely no credit card billing information is required for you to claim your free service. Explore Talent is prudent about exposing industry scam artist, who practice victimizing aspiring talents by selling them lies, broken promises and empty dreams, and a big scam for a fee. Never fall for a scam again! Let Explore Talent help you pick up your life after being a victim of a scam.

So what are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose; with Explore Talent's anti scam project called Fraud Compensation Program you can get your dreams and career back on track and never fall for another scam again. Let the world's largest talent website extend their hand to helping you, and never feel like a victim or scammed again!

Please see below some of Explore Talent members testimonials.

Explore Talent Success Story: Bobby Banhart -

Bobby Banhart found a job on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila through shortly after he joined. He submitted his resume and headshot and was cast in the highest rated MTV show with 8.4 million viewers.

CSI:NY Christopher Warren Journeyman Lincoln Heights

"Forget LA Casting, this is the new hot one right here!!" Christopher Warren, actor in CSI:NY and Journeyman, gives his advice to actors just starting out. Explore Talent is hot!

How To Be A Successful Actress

I had been with LA Casting for 9 months. After submitting for auditions and getting nothing, I decided to give Explore Talent a try. Within two weeks of becoming a member of Explore Talent, I started going on 2-3 auditions per week. I have now been with for 6 months and I have not stopped working. I never even got any auditions on and everything changed after I joined

Explore Talent Actor's "One Hour Fantasy Girl" Film Screening

Explore Talent member John Morgan Woodward at the private cast and crew screening of "One Hour Fantasy Girl". Producer John Paul Rice used Explore Talent's service to cast the role of Roger in his film. John Morgan Woodward, a member of Explore Talent, found the call after one week of being a member. He responded to the call through Explore Talent, auditioned and was cast in this powerful dramatic independent film. John Paul Rice will use Explore Talent again for his upcoming film "The Boy Who Couldn't Say No". Look for upcoming film auditions, movie auditions, film roles with Explore Talent.

I just wanted to take a few minutes of my time to say what a great experience I have had with Explore Talent. I joined as a Pro Member one month ago and less than two weeks later, I received a call from a director wanting me for an infomercial. I had the best experience filming it and learned so much. I have received more than once the "Like-It" Email from a casting director. I thought this was all going too fast, so I called Explore Talent. The staff was so friendly and explained to me that yes, I was actually viewed by the director on this site and he liked what he saw. This was a SAG film also!! I was so excited. Thanks so much to the wonderful and professional staff at Explore Talent.


Landed 2 movie roles...

Thank you ExploreTalent... Christina landed 2 Feature Film roles. These are independent movies that will be shown in all the major International Film Festivals. She just joined ExploreTalent and already has more opportunities than we ever imagined. An elite modeling management agency in New York contacted us after seeing Christina's profile on ExploreTalent. A casting director personally asked Christina to audition personally for both a TV SHOW and a Music Video. A producer/director from Tampa requested a dancing video of Christina for a short he is producing. We are actually overwhelmed by the response we have gotten from working with ExploreTalent Casting Directors and Producers.Thank you again. You are the BEST,

Christina McGill, Actress/Model & Jeanne McGill, Mother.

Back in April I filmed a short film called "The Time" and a couple weeks ago I filmed as an extra in the Adam Sandler film "I Hate You Dad" which has a release date for next Summer. I have also had an offer to film a Meg Ryan film called "Lives of Saints" in November in Los Angeles and have had offers for four Disney shows A.N.T Farm Shake it Up Good Luck Charlie and Zeke and Luther. This is all in addition to offers for Big Time Rush & True Jackson VP and have been contacted by Ashley Argota's publicist who may work with me starting this July.

Thank you Explore!

Lindsey M.

Explore Talent is making Jillian's dreams come true! Jillian has been acting and modeling locally and had a good resume for a nine-year-old. After exploring several options to bump up her activity, Explore Talent seemed to be a reasonably priced and good way to find auditions. We had no idea just how awesome the site was! Jillian has had several opportunities and has been chosen as Director's Choice on several occasions. She won a role in an off-Broadway show and just recently has been chosen as a Cover Model for an upscale salon in Brooklyn called Felicity where she will be one of their "Faces of Felicity". She will be doing commercials, TV appearances and print marketing for this salon. She will also be featured on their website. They have been on ABC News with Lauren Glassberg and featured in magazine publications like Essence and New York Magazine. They are gearing up for a large scale marketing campaign, and Jill gets to be a part of it! She is so excited! She also has an audition to be on Law and Order coming up in June. We have actually had to turn down some auditions recently because she is so busy! Imagine??

As a mother of a young child, I feel confident that the auditions that we go on are legitimate and safe. The Explore Talent team has contacted us to give us advice on how to better structure Jill's profile and support us any way they can. It is so easy to use. They do all the organizing for us. The matched auditions feature is the best! I don't have to struggle to search for appropriate auditions, they are right there for me. I love the automatic email feature that sends me the most up-to-date opportunities in our area. This site is awesome and the staff cares about us!

Thanks Explore Talent! You guys are the best!

Jillian's Mom

I'm so happy to say that since I enrolled with Explore Talent my life style has changed. I have meant with some beautiful people from all around the world. I have performed several Theater projects in New York City. " 13 Ways to Screw up a College Interview", "The Little mermaid" and "Christmas Extravaganza". I was also cast for a film " The Industry". Once again thanks Explore Talent for such an awesome website which has open the doors to a brighter future,

Got casted in less than 1 week

I just wanted to thank Explore Talent so much! I just recently landed the Role of Jackie in the Movie "Siphon". I play the leading role of the smart, sexy, college girl! I start filming this week.

It was my first audition and I booked the role! I have five more upcoming auditions and have been labeled on the "Like it List" from even more Casting Directors. I also got asked to audition for the Act Up documentary seen by over 40 million people world wide.

I also have an audition for a new vampire movie. My dreams are finally coming true. I found my passion and realized I can do it with the help of Explore Talent. I'm like my own manager! I submit my picture to the Casting Directors, and if I fit the role they email me back with more information on when I can audition.

The best part is I set the days I want to audition and I can submit to as many auditions as I want to! The trick is Submit, submit, submit! Never give up!! You can't just have instant success - you have to work for it!

Thanks so much Explore Talent! It's only been 6 months that I've been able to aggressively pursue acting jobs and already I've landed a feature role in an independent film and an extra role with great face time on Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns! It would not have been possible without your help, thanks again Explore Talent, your AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I was thinking that at 56 years old maybe it was to late after be away from acting for me to land anything. Well not true thanks to a post on Explore Talent I was just casted as a support actor for a feature film being shot in Seattle, Wa. Don't give up hope on not getting roles ... they will come. And never give up hope on yourself! If this Old Bird can do it -- so can you! Good luck to everyone out there looking and auditioning, and thanks again Explore Talent! Without your help I wouldn't be acting again.

Dreams really can come true.

Mike Cahill

Olivia has gotten several jobs from your website, although they are not high paying, they have been fun and exciting for Olivia and kept her doing what she loves - acting. Two of her roles, indie feature films "Leaving Hollywood" and "6 Nonsmokers" were screened at the Senator Theater in Baltimore this summer. She just finished filming a horror movie called "The Talking." She has also got to be on TV in National Geographic's "The Secret Lives of Charles Lindbergh." Thanks

Got a part in a movie!

I just recently got a part in the movie Totally Baked with National Lampoon, met with Michael Gaylord the photographer, and also have met a few production agencies and a few agents that are interested in me! You guys have been a lot of help! Thank you so much. I have met a lot of wonderful people that are helping me further my dreams! Explore Talent has helped me to realize some of the potential that I possess; this means a lot to me thank you again!

Jiazi WangPS NY, NY

Good Morning, I wanted to send you an e-mail over the weekend, but have been extremely busy with acting classes in order to prepare for my role in an independent film about the Washington DC Sniper. I am very grateful to the service that Explore Talent offers and refer this service to several of my counterparts in acting class.

On another note, I want to extend my greatest thanks to you and the great customer service you provide to me each and every time I call. You not only make sure that any information given to me is accurate, but you also make sure that I receive the full benefits of using Explore Talent for my acting career and I want to say again, thanks.

Nichola GrahamWashington, DC

Hello everyone, I have been with Explore Talent for a month now and already getting emails from director to auditions I went on one audition and landed a role in a Feature Film. I have a supporting role playing a Jamaican girl this is going to be so much fun! I have also received many more auditions as well. I want to say THANK YOU EXPLORE TALENT. I tell everyone if you have dreams in life I'm telling them to come to ET they are the best.. Thank you again EXPLORE TALENT Jiniece H

Thanks Explore Talent!

I submitted my daughter Zoe for a paid modeling job and she got it. It was a lifestyle shoot for Carhartt! She had so much fun and everyone was super nice!

Within 2 weeks if signing up I GOT A ROLE IN AN UPCOMING INDEPENDENT FILM!!!

I want to start off by thanking Jennifer from Explore Talent because she was VERY helpful and gave good advice on what to do and what not to do with my profile. Second I want to say that Explore Talent really helps their customers be the best they can be. Being only with Explore Talent for 3 months I have already gotten feedback 6 times from casting directors. I didn't think I'd have the opportunity, but Explore Talent gave it to me! Thank you for helping and promoting me!


I just want to let people out there know that I have enjoyed my experience this far tremendously. I've gotten auditions for paying jobs 3 times already and landed a lead role in a community play in the 2 months I've been part of Explore Talent. I've made some great friends and even won a prize in a contest for best smile. I look forward to more auditions and using Explore Talent as a boost to my career.

Scott Price

Landed a $1,600 gig on my 2nd day of signing up!

I signed up on a Wednesday and was hired for a gig Thursday! It is a "Live Event" - Game show Host for the Independent Film Channel.The opportunity was placed on my calendar, I sent my info to the contact person and two phone calls later I was hired. I was flown to NYC, put up in a hotel for a night and spent a day in training. Upon completion (12 days total,3-4 hours a day) I will have earned $1,600!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Jacqueline Rich

I got 4 jobs within 3 days !

HI Explore Talent, my name is Erica Hamilton. I just want to say thank you for the many jobs I have received. I have been on the website for a short period of time and I am really pleased. I recently got a call from Juan Meet in Miami a new line of maternity clothing for a catalog. I was also contacted by cardwell talent for promotional modeling for the Nivea Event and future events. It does not stop there I was contacted by Talent Inc for Venus modeling promotion as well. Just when I thought that would stop I got a contract for International Shopping Headquarters for catalog work. Wow and it still does not stop I was also contacted by Cardwell promotions for the Discover promotional Modeling Event and future promotions. I have gotten these jobs over a period of three days. I look forward in the near future to audition for film and other jobs. I just want to say you have to stay motivated and positive and never give up on your dreams. I wont stop. I plan to stay active and take more jobs. "Thank You Explore Talent" You made it possible for me to achieve my goals, dreams and goal are possible just stay positive.

Sincerely,Erica Hamilton

Got a role in a full length feature film!

Just wanted to give a big "Thank You" to Explore Talent. My daughter Julia Hodgkins auditioned for a role in a full length feature film called Second Wind and got a co-supporting role in the film! We're presently in rehearsals and will be filming in a couple of weeks. The experience has been amazing and so rewarding. Working with director, Daryl C. Sylva is awesome. If it weren't for Explore Talent, we wouldn't be here right now! We're very grateful for your service.

Maria Hodgkins & Julia Hodgkins

I love this site, it is so helpful and I got my first audition within the first 10 days of signing up as a member! I HIGHLY recommend using this site! Thanks Explore Talent, Nicole

I am very proud of the recent job that my family and I were able to land with Explore Talent! Our new web-series on MSN is promoting "family," exercise and utilizing the many incredible National Parks in our country. As the current Mrs.Iowa-America and "Mrs.Fitness 2009," at Mrs.America, the show has been able to project a very meaningful cause for me as well, fitness. My family was flown out to Joshua Tree National Park on a whirlwind week of vacation and family challenges where we were introduced to camera men from Amazing Race and Reveille (The Office, Biggest Loser and Ugly Betty) production and staff. The experience was inspiring and professional...Explore Talent connected us to some really great work and some to the biggest in the business! I can now add companies such as Benadryl, National Parks Foundation, Walmart and Revielle to my resume experience now...Just from this one job!! Thank you Explore Talent!

Loni McNertney Mrs. Iowa America 2009

Got Warner Bros. KTLA channel 5 Commercial !

Michael recently co-stared in a promotional commercial for the WB (Warner Bros.) KTLA channel 5. Michael really enjoyed this experience and looks forward to many more! He found being in front of the cameras was fun and enjoyed being the center of attention. Warner Brothers picked him through Explore Talent's web site. He received $300 for the shoot. A copy of Michael's commercial is available on his profile.

Michael's Father

I just wanted to take a moment and express my heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful staff at ET. I was very impressed with the professionalism from the very beginning and as the months went by that first impression only grew even more.Within the span of just months, I landed 4 roles including one with Jennifer Lopez. I also have a lead role in a Stage production.It is great to be able to pick and choose what roles to accept all thanks to the many opportunities provided by Explore Talent. My immediate goal was to get some additional experience under my belt and now I feel that my resume is solid and able to take things to the next level. Explore Talent has absolutely been crucial to my success without which I would not be in the position that I am today. Also thank you to Kari who has been so warm, professional, and able to help guide me to enjoy the full benefits of being a member and facilitate my professional career and an actor/ singer. The best advice it to keep your excitement and enthusiasm and stay focused/determined. Stay active, check your matched opportunities and submit your profile. THANK YOU EXPLORETALENT.COM Dwayne B

I will be in a movie as a main character, just one month after joining!! I auditioned and landed the part. Thank you Explore Talent!!


Got a speaking part in a full-length Movie

Exploretalent is so helpful for people that aren't on the East or West coast. I have lots of auditions to go to, but many areas are too far away. ExploreTalent uses the whole U.S., and I went to my first audition (in Minnesota) and got a speaking part in a full-length movie, and want to thank Explore Talent for the opportunities it opens up to me.

Ana Rocha

Landed 2 Feature Film major roles with some great cash!...

Since I joined last year around this time, I have landed two Feature Film major roles! I never would have realized the opportunities had it not been for you guys! The first film I received a part in was a feature by Raj Rahi called "ShutUp!", it will be completed this year. The second I am currently shooting here in Memphis is a major role with some great cash! I thought that this might be another one of those pay for nothing sites, but obviously you guys know what you are doing. Keep up the good work and keep the roles coming for me!!

--Chris Plumlee

You had matched me with a role and I got the part as a Extra in the short film called "A New Day." I filmed about 3 days, had a good time, and got to meet some new people. The producers where great and I hope to work with them again. I look forward to doing more acting and someday land that lead role.

John Luna

I am 11 years old and I signed up for the 7-day trial membership. I have never modeled before and I saw a print job on Explore Talent. I sent in my information and got a job on my first interview and try.

Thank you Explore Talent, who knows whats in store for my future! The job I got was in Dallas, Texas and it pays $25 per hour, wow my first paying job!


Received audition for job!

Through Explore Talent I received an audition for a commercial for the product "Go Smile" Teeth Whitening. I got the job and shot the commercial on two different occasions in Riverside, CA. I had so much fun and met great people.

I would like to thank Explore Talent for giving me all the help from your company. I got accepted to multiple Agencies! It's great to be a member of ET. I have been on local commercials as well. I will be on the cover of our Cities Plan For Success Book.The Networking this site brings is one of a kind and I want to say " THANK YOU EXPLORE TALENT"

Hello Explore Talent! My experience with your site has been wonderful!! I've gotten so many auditions! I got an offer to do a tear sheet! Which is major in the modeling industry. It will be published in the 2010 Fashion Look Book and it will be seen nationally. I have an upcoming photo shoot for a magazine, billboard and gallery work. The pay will be $1500.00!! I also have an upcoming fashion show and been picked by two modeling agencies to model wedding dresses. This is awesome! Thank you Explore Talent. My dreams have come true!!

Got into Warner Brothers "Elimidate" TV Show

Hi, my name is Courtney Warner and I am writing to let you guys know this site has made my dreams come true!! I have been getting auditions left and right, and I want to thank you for this opportunity and breaking into a "not so easy field to break into". I wanted to let you know I recently have been contacted by Warner Brothers, to audition for the hit reality T.V. show "Elimidate" and I landed the audition! I will be appearing on the show. So, what I can say to all the members of this site is Follow your heart and yourdreams, BELIEVE in yourself, and things will start to happen for you. Thanks again to a wonderful staff, in making everyone's dream a reality:)

Best Regards, Courtney

After signing up with I have had 6 offers to audition for modeling and acting jobs in the last month. I got a paid job with Schwartzkopf Hair for a weekend gig and they want me back for two more shows in the future. Also, I auditioned for a print and commercial job this weekend in Atlanta. Waiting for good news!

Thanks for giving me the boost my career needed!

Megan L.

I wanted to Thank Explore Talent! I have had over 10 job offer for everything from hair modeling to movies. I am in an independent film as the main character. I now have a contract, and i am on my way to Hollywood in a few days.Without Explore Talent i would have never had such a huge opportunity. I happened so fast. I never thought that I would get back into acting again after many years of not being able to walk. I got back a lot more than I could ever imagine! I never thought that one site would get me anywhere, I was wrong. Explore Talent does... Thank You Explore Talent. Natalie,

I've submitted to many casting's and was selected!

I will have to compliment on the professionalism and fast instantaneous service that has provided me. It is unlike any other service I've used with its caring staff and immediate help that I've received from customer service and its state of the art web technology that really electrifies me! It really is the quality of service that makes Explore Talent stand as MY NUMBER 1 MARKETING SERVICE. I've submitted to many casting's and was selected by one of the WORLDS leading photographers, and Agents to work exclusively with them for many projects. I even met the casting director of General Hospital that works exclusively with my new agent as his assistant! If this isn't striking it big, I'll never know what is. I'm currently working from my home state with an e-bay project then I'm heading to AZ to really launch my career as my Agent works with only vast clients such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein etc. Thank-you EXPLORE TALENT for everything you do!

Yours Truly, Joe Bryant -- Actor / Model

I started out with just a 3-month membership and have already had almost more work than I can handle. I think the greatest thing about Exploretalent is the people that work there. I feel that with no matter what talent advisor you are assigned to, they will put you in the position to succeed. It almost feels like you have a step up on everyone else in the industry. You have countless opportunities for auditions and jobs, you just have to be willing to submit yourself for work and be hungry for the opportunities that are in front of you.

ExploreTalent is the perfect place for me, and at this point in my career I could not be happier with the results.

David Kanak

I got my first e-mail from Explore Talent about one month after signing up. Someone was not only looking for a makeup artist but also an actress to play a role that I fit for a trailer to a movie that he was producing. Although there was no pay for the acting I got paid great for doing the makeup and had so much fun! Now the trailer for the movie has been bought and I am looking forward to working on the movie.


Just wanted to thank Explore Talent for their outstanding service!!! My daughter landed a great movie role in an upcoming feature film and also a great photoshoot after just one month as a member. Today we just heard from another director who would like to cast her in ANOTHER feature film!!!!Thanks so much,Alexis Banta

I have been modeling for a couple of different modeling organizations, and I've signed up for modeling opportunities on the internet. Finally I have found the right one, and that is you Explore Talent!! I have received the part of "Emily." A main character in a Disney Movie!! All my life I've dreamed of a chance to act and model, and now my dream has come true! THANK YOU EXPLORE TALENT!

Samanta Sgro

When it comes to most online websites that promise you work after creating a profile, I had tended to be leery. But two weeks after creating one with Explore Talent, I heard back from a company who were looking for live promo event actors! I had submitted myself for the position, but wasn't expecting to hear back so soon! I was requested to attend an audition in Boston, and got CALLED BACK the SAME NIGHT and was offered the job! It pays up to $1600 a week, and I couldn't be happier at this point. But that's not all! It seems that ever since I landed that audition I have been offered audition, after audition!!! My next one is for a televised fitness show! Keep faith, and never stop believing in yourself and you are guaranteed success!

Got a part on the Martha Stewart Show.

I'm just letting you know that I signed my granddaughter up with explore talent 2 weeks ago and she already got a part on the Martha Stewart Show which will air on national TV the end of August or beginning of September. I'll keep you posted when I have the details.

Thanks for the opportunity. This will really boost her career. She's only 5 years old.

Rose Young

Got a fashion job within two days of signing up!

Thank you so much Explore Talent! I got a great job in a fashion show within two days of signing up. This program is amazing and I really appreciate all of the help I received from you! I followed just what you told me to do and before I knew it I was getting work and making money. I am so excited and extremely happy to be working with you. Thank you all for your help!

- Christina Baas

Got a print show in 4 days

Thanks to Explore talent my son Gabriel has done a print show for Kids Rock which got him used to doing runway modeling and was asked to take pictures for a major agency to help start a new modeling company. But his biggest accomplishment was doing two non-profit commercials for Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis and 2Senseworth which paid him 75$ and got him more exposure. Thanks for everything and look forward to Gabriel getting even more work.

Got Century 21 commercial run on HGTV

Kendra wants to thank you guys for giving her the exposure for her first commercial! She got role in Century 21 commercial run on HGTV, Thank you!

I thank you too,

Kathi Ike, Proud Mom =)

Explore Talent,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful services. I really enjoy checking my calendar to see what new and exciting casting calls are listed.

Because of you I was cast as a featured extra (Big Tony's sexy girlfriend)in the short film TKO. I hope this leads to more opportunities. This ExploreTalent website has been a wonderful experience and I tell everyone about you. Thanks again!!! Keep those submissions coming.

Thanks for your time,Kimberly Morris

I would like to share my success story! I recently had the opportunity to Model for Joico/Iso for Hair and Make-up. I also was a "Featured Artist" in a Showcase for J-Land Productions in NYC and they are interested in marketing my talent!!

All the Best,

Ashley Beard Thank you Explore Talent!!

My daughter has a part in a short film and has only been a member for 18 days. She would recommend the service to anyone. She was using other sites for acting and now she only uses Explore Talent.

Landed a commercial that pays $500.00 for one day!

Don't give up! I have had my daughter Ashley signed up with Explore Talent since April. We have found many, many auditions through this website. We just recently landed a commercial that pays $500.00 for a one day shoot! Ashley has a talent agency in Atlanta, GA, but since agencies do not always have work, this is the best way to find jobs. Keep on your toes; don't give up! EXPLORE TALENT finds the auditions that you are looking for. Keep checking in on your calendar and you'll find that Explore Talent has you lined up for not one, but several auditions. We did!! Thanks to Explore Talent Ashley got her first paying job!!!

Sandy H.(Mom,Of Ashley H.)

First of all I wanted to thank Explore talent for getting me out there and starting to network for jobs. I went to 3 auditions this past weekend, and have gotten the lead on a student film!! My first call-back! I also landed a role on another Indie film that willbegin filming the end of December! Three auditions, two call-backs. Not bad! I am finally on my way thanks to Explore Talent!

Kristy Chamberlain

Thank you for the job with Miller Lite

I just landed a job with Miller Lite. I am promoting approx 10 hrs a week and making around $400 weekly . Thanks again for the leads. By the way this has not been the first job I have landed with your web site. I look forward to more jobs.

Deana Aburto, 281929 Los Angeles, CA

FIRST audition, FIRST booking...

We would like to give a huge thank you to the folks at Explore Talent for all you do. Matthew was selected for a role in an Indie film "I am Dallas Lattrell" after his FIRST audition from an Explore Talent booking. The film will be viewed at Film Festivals. Keep up the good work!

Matthew Spears-Heinel (Son) & Patricia Spears-Heinel (Mother)

I just wanted to say thank you to Exploretalent for your professionalism, great staff, and the exposure I've received through this site! I just got my first movie role that I didn't even submit for, but the director saw me on Exploretalent's site and requested me! I auditioned and got the part. I'm so excited about starting this project in Spring 2011! I recommend other talents to sign up with Exploretalent for national exposure! Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much Explore Talent for this easy to use site full of opportunity. I signed my 6 year old daughter Chloe up for this site beginning April and within first two weeks went to casting for photo shoot ad for Jacksonville Tea House and Chloe got the part, and then following week went on casting with Full Sail University for a part as 1890's era orphan girl extra and we just finished filming it this past weekend.

This has been a wonderful experience and greatopportunity for Chloe. Again--thank you so much

I got an audition for (Deliver My Family) a live touring play. The audition process to me was very organized and professional. The staff was professional and knowledgeable. I understand that RBI Production is a new company with Explore Talent, and I truly believe it was well organized. It was a two part audition, I passed the first audition and was called back for the second, however, I did not receive the leading role for the play. The executive director is considering me for an upcoming film project that will be filming in early spring. He stated that he will contact me the beginning of March. This has been so far a rewarding experience to be noticed, just after 2 weeks! of signing on with you. I look forward to having more emails sent to me very soon. Thank you for all of your help!

Be Well,Jennifer Hope

I just did my first film in Lake Ariel, PA. I was working with a great Director and the wonderful people I've ever worked with in my entire small career. I was so excited and had a load of fun. I'm always telling people where and how I landed my auditions. I just want to thank for helping land that job.

Within the first week of signing up for Explore Talent, I went out for a Discovery Channel show, got the part, and was paid around $500, which more than covers the cost of the site for over a year! This website is a useful tool to any actor.

Landed role in a film within 2 weeks!

I would like to thank Explore Talent for signing up my daughter Terah. She has only been with Explore Talent for about 2 weeks and received a submission request on her calendar for a role in a feature film. Everything went so fast. She is new to acting/modeling. She was scheduled for an audition and within one week was notified that she got the part. She was so excited. This is her first project and it gave her the confidence she needs for other auditions. Thanks.

Sonya Burnett

Landed a Job for The New CW Channel

Hello ExploreTalent! My name is Jaquiya Jones. I have been a member for only a month now. So far I have been on lots of auditions as well as a table reading for an Independent Film. I recently landed my first promotional job for The New CW Channel making some real CA!!! I just wanted to thank you so much; keep up the good work ...THANKS AGAIN

- Jaquiya Jones

You matched me with a role in July, got the part as a Extra in a short film called "A New Day". I filmed about 3 days, had a good time, and got to meet some new people.

The producers were great and I hope to work with them again!

I look forward to doing more acting, and someday that lead role will come.

Thank you!John

Got a lead role in a feature film !

ExploreTalent has definitely opened doors for my daughter Christina. In the Fall, she will appear in an independent feature film, "Indiscretion" in one of the lead roles. She is so excited and we are all proud of her! I am very pleased with ExploreTalent's customer service. Whenever I have a question or concern, the staff is very professional and friendly.

Keep doing an excellent job! -- Staci Carrera

Looking forward to the future.

I started working with Explore Talent just about a year ago. I had some acting experience when I was younger but throughout my adult life I hadn't acted at all even though I'd done public speaking as part of my job and outside activities. Through Explore Talent I've been able to do just that: explore my latent talent. I've participated in some amateur film projects and local community theater. I've also had the opportunity to do some professional modeling that has more than paid for my first two years of membership. I look forward to getting more involved and developing my talent and craft. Thank you, Explore Talent!

Landed a big SBC print job!


I just wanted to thank Explore Talent. Sandi Smith landed me a big SBC print job! It was a national SBC global ad and I am getting a little over 1000.00.

Thank you once again - Gabriela

I got my SAG card...

I use my Explore Talent URL on my resume and I faithfully check my calendar. I've been with Explore Talent for two years. Go to my page and review my two resumes! Films and Music Videos are many. I'm now a SAG actress. Modeling includes bookings with the AVP Tour (Volleyball), National Surfing Championship, Clairol - the list goes on and on! I don't work unless I am paid! I'm doing great booking jobs with Explore Talent. It's so nice to say that I am very busy! Thanks Explore Talent!

Vanessa Ross

Extra in Movie "Contagion"

Ashton was excited that he finally got to be on a big production movie set. The movie is called "Contagion" starring Matt Damon,Gweneth Paltrow, Kat Winslet, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law and Marion Cotlliard. We did get to meet the director Steven Soderbergh who is very Professional and worked well with the kids. (: Ashton got to be in the Shedds Aquarium shoot which was shot on October 19th and received his 1st paycheck last week.

Got an Allstate Print job

Thank you for letting me submit to the Allstate Print, they picked me and I made $250.00.

Victoria LewisLos Angeles, CA

AJ Heiss got a Bounty Paper Towels commercial !

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for getting AJ his last job. He just did a commercial for Bounty Paper Towels.

Thanks,Dyanna Heiss

I just booked a TV show!

I just want to thank Explore Talent for all the auditions you've supplied me with. I currently just booked the TV Show "HoodLyfe". This is such a great opportunity for me to gain experience and get my face out there.Thank you again.

Keyanna Hayes

Thank you for my first job

I am so excited to get my first job through you. I did my print job for Cellphone Co. in Austin, the photographer is famous Jack. I made $150.00. Thank you! Yvonne/Houston, TX

I am so excited! Through Explore Talent website and with Cami's assistance at Explore Talent, I have some very promising auditions. All of this happened in a short span of one month! I encourage all who are submitting to dream big an stay focused.

Blessed,sheridan gaines

Got movie role in 5 days, I made $1,000. Thanks

Let me tell you, in only five days I was picked up for a role in a movie called "Coming Attractions," shooting here in Orlando. It has many stars cast such as Angie Everheart (Supermodel/Bordello of Blood) Micheal Laslow (Beverly Hills Cop Movies) Pat Morita (Kirate Kid) and many more! I always knew that this site was different from all of the scam sites who don't even provide you with anything you need. Just some address to send off a headshot and resume to a Casting Director, or Production company when they end up throwing all of those out anyways. Explore Talent Allows you to book yourself. Thanks to everyone at Explore Talent, who helps me to have my submissions out right away!!

April Florio

My name is Mark Dent I am from New Jersey and I only been on Exploretalent for about 3 1/2 months and Been on 2 Auditions and my Second one was the one I got picked For Main Lead Role In the Movie TOMORROW....playing as Mike.....and I just can't wait to get started I just wanted to say Thank You ExploreTalent for your resources reaching out to me.....I hope for more work soon...So Please People don't give up because it's real out there. So Explore Thank you again....

Mark Dent

Thank you guys very much! I have been on your website for about 3 weeks and I have already got one booking in Nashville and was signed to Alpha Model Group in Atlanta!!! I wouldn't have been able to get these without you, so I am very appreciative!

Again, thank you so much! Just yesterday I had a job through you in Nashville, TN for ASAP Models, and because of it they want to sign me to their agency!!! Now, because of you guys, I have been signed to two non-exclusive agencies in a matter of a few weeks! That is twice the opportunity for more work, and then the work I will still receive from So in total, that is 3 times the chance of getting seen and one day fulfilling my dream of making it big in the entertainment business. Again, thank you so much! - Derek Yates, Chattanooga, TN

I began submitting through Explore Talent at the end of February. In less than two months, I have been selected to be a feature model in a music video, asked to several auditions and am a finalist for a cover shoot for a national magazine. Thank you for showing all the opportunities that are available to me.

Troy Malek

I'd like to thank you Explore Talent. I have only been a member for two weeks and I already got my first gig! A few days after becoming a member I got an audition for an off Broadway show, Christmas Wizard of OZ. Two days later I found out I got the part! Thank you again.

Hi. My name is Aaron Turgeon and I am writing to tell you about all of the good things that have happened since I joined Explore Talent.

Since I joined ET three months ago, I have had 15 auditions and 8 call backs.I'v gotten parts in 2 independent movies, which I've already filmed. I got a recurring part in a new kid's tv show that we haven't started filming yet,but scheduled to come out this summer. I have also been on 2 modeling shoots for different companies. I can't believe how well things are going! It is unreal... Thanks Explore Talent

Got a part in a Film with in a week

I signed up with Exploretalent on a Tuesday, had an audition on Friday and a part in a Non-SAG film the following Tuesday! Since then, I have been contacted for auditions on two new projects. I am so happy that I joined Exploretalent and I look forward to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Kristine Quick-Reide

I applied for a training film with the Fabian-Baber, the biggest in the nation and got a deal for five 25-minute DVD video-recording! I am getting paid $1500 in total. This is amazing for my resume and I now have way too much to decide what to put on my reel! Thanks!

Got a Film role on first day

Only after being registered on Explore Talent for 1 day, I got a roll of "Zoe" in Bondage, a short film in Phoenix Az. We begin shooting August 5. Thanks Explore Talent.

Makenna Summersett

Thank you, Explore Talent. Since I have been a member, I have gotten several jobs from music videos, to fashion shows, to the latest, a lead role in a theater play called, "Will a Real Man Please Stand", which is in production now.Some paid and some not paid but good for my resume' or portfolio. All of this has been a truly memorable experience. Thank you for being the beginning of a new life for me. God Bless!!!


Hello. I am Rushia Cooper. I recently signed up with Explore Talent in October. I am a 33 year old business woman, who is a mother of two and wife for nine years. I have always been told that I should be an actor because of my personality and flare for style. I didn't know how to break into acting from my level, no formal training or connections. I found the link for Explore Talent and decided to give it a try. I am very serious about my career but I did not want to waste my time or money. Speaking with Sal helped to ease my concerns. Every time I call with a question he is enthusiastic about helping me and I am grateful. I was skeptical at first but within 2 weeks of becoming a member I was picked to work in a Lee Jeans Promotion making $14.00 per hr. It's not the dream acting job I am pursuing but it is a start, and it shows that Explore Talent does what they advertise; your company is in business to promote talent, and I am very pleased with your services. The business cards are beautiful and I look forward to gaining recognition with them while promoting your services at the same time.

Rushia Cooper

I just want to say thanks for your site. You guys have really helped me in this business. I was turned down by so many agents and managers that I can't even count them on my fingers. I have even been scammed by two of them. I found my new manager that I am signed right now on this website from one of the auditions. I auditioned for the management and was signed two weeks later. I am so excited and now I have movies in the works and so much other projects. I couldn't be more happy. You guys truly are awesome and I recommend everyone and anyone who wants to be an actor or singer or dancer this is the place to be. That send you to nothing but the best auditions and take it from me it may take time to get accepted to most of the auditions that you are cast for but believe me its worth the time. Remember its not your choice its what has already been mapped out for you, so don't hesitate. Sign up for and you won't be disappointed. Thank you once again.

Kenneth Edwards

Got a part in a SAG movie

I am thrilled to have signed up with Explore Talent! I have alreadybooked a small part in a SAG movie which was posted on Explore Talent in January.

Thanks for your service!!

Karen GerstmanNew York City, NY

I've been on here for 3 days and got booked for a OJ ad and commercial. I get paid and I also get residuals. Thanks so muchfor posting so many job opportunities....


I got a role in an up coming movie

It has been a great experience being with Explore Talent. Going in for an audition competing amongst ourselves for role that best fits us leaves you with a knot in your throat when you get a call back or a response telling you that you got a role in the movie. Which makes you know that you did an excellent job at what you went in for. Of course you go in with butterflies in your stomach and that must be the main obstacle to get through but when you do your best and give it your all nothing can come between the passion one has for acting or doing what they enjoy the most. To say that I got a role in an upcoming movie that I got in through Explore Talent, with some assistance of a wonderful person of course!! The service at explore talent is excellent also. Their up to date calendar and in general the system they use. Customer service... WOW!!! Thank you so much and GOD BLESS!!

Hi, I got a job through ExploreTalent in a stage play "Family Secrets" as Alexandria Jones. The play is a bibical stage play and it was fun working with the writer and the cast.

Thanks you so much!!Aysia

My sons have done many jobs!

I just wanted to Thank Explore Talent for helping Triston Coleman my son and Trevon Coleman my other son with pursuing their acting career. Because of you they have done many jobs and have just landed membership with a SAG Franchised Agency that will allow them to go anywhere to follow there dreams. Thank You!

Great Thanks! Triston Coleman age 7 Trevon Coleman age 6

Thanks for the exposure Explore Talent! I received a contract with Imperative Talent Management and was a part of a documentary after being a member for merely three weeks! Last night I even scheduled my first paid shoot, and I know there are many more to come. I wanted to give a special thanks to Brittany from Explore Talent. She helped me every step of the way and has given me great support and motivation!

Got a role in movie called "Shaka Muni"

Thanks to Explore Talent casting, I have received a chance to audition for a children movie called "Shaka Muni". I was cast that very same day. I've only just recently finished filming this DVD. The producers are shopping this movie to CBS. This project has the potential to air as a children series. Hopefully they will succeed and call me back to film some more. Thanks again Explore Talent, I couldn't have done it without you :)

Jazmine Arram

I have only been with Explore Talent for one month and great things are happening already! I did a movie trailer with actor/writer/producer Walker Howard which was a lot of fun and I gained a lot of knowledge about making a film and being on set! Also, I just landed a photo shoot for a clothing line that is paying me $1,800 for a 6 hour shoot! I would like to give a special thanks to Brittaney Taylor who has been very kind and attentive to me even when she had some busy days! Thank you so much Brittaney and everybody else at Explore Talent for making my dream a reality.

John West

I was only on Explore Talent for four months before I got my first job.

It was for a Fashion Show in Chicago that pays $375.

If you really put yourself out there you will get noticed in time!

Thanks Explore Talent!

Hoping for a good show,Lenora

After only 2 weeks signed with Explore Talent my daughter was booked for a print ad. She had a blast and we look forward to working with Explore Talent in the future.

I just got a part in the movie ' ORANGE JUMPSUIT '. We just rapped the movie.... And it was so fun doing the movie & the people I worked with were wonderful. Orange Jumpsuit was the first project I've done since I've been with Explore Talent. And I plan to do more movies in the future. I can't wait for my next Gig!!I have been Very Very Happy with Explore Talent & I would recommend them to Everyone!

Book 2 jobs in such a short time

Explore Talent is the leader in obtaining quality auditions. I have been on over 10 auditions and landed a T.V. Pilot, a commercial, a feature indie film and offered to be represented by a talent agency for modeling and acting. Explore Talent has been beneficial in my success and I will continue to utilize their services.

Larry A. Peterman

Thanks for your help to get me started right away. I got to work for Paul Mitchell over the weekend in the Beauty Classics. What a wonderful, well-organized show. Can't wait to work for them again.


I landed a voice over role in an Independent Film on my first audition with Explore Talent.

I am very happy with service and would also like to thank Justin for all of his help.

Thanks Explore Talent!


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